Time to Lose ‘Da Booze

Have you come to a point in your life where you question your relationship with alcohol or you feel you are drinking perhaps more than what is deemed healthy and it’s starting to impact your life?

That’s where I was at when I hit age 50 in 2016 – a milestone birthday that reminded me of how my sister passed away at that age due to her issues with alcohol.

In an effort to change my habits – I dove into my FIRST Lose ‘Da Booze 100 Day Challenge following my birthday in September. For 100 consecutive days, I cut out ‘da booze and I blogged my progress through the posts that you’ll find on this website.

I then took a break between Christmas and New Year’s and on January 1, 2017 I launched a group through Facebook where just over 140 people joined the 100 Day Challenge! The amazing energy and positive support that has come from this has prompted me to continue the group indefinitely to continue helping anyone who wishes to cut out the alcohol and live a healthy and happy AF (alcohol free) life. This particular challenge requires the participant to do 100 CONSECUTIVE days without alcohol.

I’m excited to continue this journey and hope to share it with those who feel they need to make a shift in their habits when it comes to alcohol. Feel free to reach out and message me if you want more information.

PS – My journey started back in 2013 and if you go back to the archives (see all links to my blog posts the left of the screen) – you’ll see how I got to where I am today!!